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Companies, organisations, and individuals can participate in the conference by advertising in the conference brochure, exhibition at the conference, or by other means:

1. Line Sponsorships

2. Products & Service Exhibitions

3. Industry Presentation

4. Placement of Adverts in the Brochure


Outside Backpage N400,000
Inner Frontpage N300,000
Inner Backpage N300,000
Full page Inside N250,000
Center Spread N400,000
Front Page Strip N300,000
Exhibition Booth
2m x 2m N500,000
3m x 3m N600,000
Space N300,000
2m x 2m N100,000
3m x 3m N150,000
Branding and 50" TV
2m x 2m N290,000
3m x 3m N340,000


For further details on how to engage, kindly contact the conference official marketing consultant:

 Daniel Tumeyar

Premier Health Systems Consult (PMS)

Address: 14, Agbaoku Street, Opebi Allen Road, Ikeja. Lagos Nigeria.

Email Address: [email protected]

TELEPHONE: 08179362573